Meet Easton Hunter!

After leaving a job interview and grabbing a cup of coffee, Easton was curious about the little door in the corner of Not Just Coffee.  The great location, custom artwork, clean environment and friendly faces made HQ Charlotte such an inviting atmosphere for him.  Now, we see Easton Hunter’s friendly face almost every day!

Tell us about yourself!

“I have been doing architecture on the drafting side of things since high school.”  After one year of majoring in Structural Engineering, he realized he hated it.  Following this was an Associate’s degree from Central Carolina Technical College.  He started working at a large design firm in Cornelius in 2005.  He has been a local to Charlotte for three or four years now, and has found an array of opportunities.  Easton started working with an old colleague when he began to create not just 2-D designs, but 3-D as well- a unique advantage in the marketplace.  Always having that entrepreneurial attitude, about a year and a half later, Easton found his niche and decided to start his own company.

What is your company all about?

Easton Hunter Designs, formerly known as 3D Residential, specializes in 3D residential construction design using a program called SketchUp.  After designing a model of a home, he crafts the new home layout into a presentation.  Easton simply makes the layout of the new home easier to visualize, ensuring it is exactly what the client is wanting before it is built.  His company brings designs to life, taking it to another level of accuracy.

What/who inspired you to choose the path that you chose?

“I wanted to be an architect or building designer since I was a kid.”  After two very important mentors in his life from former places he worked right out of college, he was inspired by the amount of creativity that can be put into this field.  This creative aspect combined with his analytical mindset is what draws Easton in. Easton realized that he spends a large amount of his time in his own home (as most people do).  He wanted his place to be visually appealing since it is where he eats, sleeps, and hangs out.  This desire to create a unique and personalized environment is what drove Easton to find his niche in the residential business.

 What does being part of a community mean to you?  

Even being an introvert, Easton has learned that collaboration is key.  “You can only get so far by yourself.  It is necessary to draw off the experiences and energy of other people.”  Easton has learned this while working at HQ Charlotte.  Not only is it beneficial to feed off the energy of your hard-working peers, Easton believes it is just as necessary to give that mentality back, which he has experienced first-hand.  This “creates an ally who is looking out for you… being able to make those connections.”  Easton calls this “free give and take”.

What is one piece of advice would you give to emerging entrepreneurs

“Fail.  Don’t be afraid of failure.  Whatever it is you are going to do, even if you don’t know you can do it, don’t be afraid to fail.”  After bold decisions moving between companies, Easton took a risk.  He made sure he was ready, and pulled the trigger.  “Know what you’re worth, know what you can do, have faith in yourself, and GO,” says this entrepreneur.  

One more thing, “As opposed to trying to compete, CREATE!”  Easton created the 3-D aspect of his business, making it extremely unique.  When you have something uniquely setting your business apart, you are able to become a leader in that area.  “Create something of your own… put something fresh out there.”


  • Favorite music to listen to while you’re working
    • Hip hop-  The Roots, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z, etc.  
  • Go-to stress reliever
    • Reading outside… nonfiction books only.   
  • Favorite way to spend your free time
    • Spending time with friends and simply hanging out.
  • Favorite pizza topping
    • Hawaiian pizza! Pineapple!