The end of February may mean the end of Black History Month, but here at HQ, we will continue to celebrate all our of minority owned businesses and people of color.

To continue our celebration of Black History Month, we recently spoke with Patrice Graham, CEO and Founder of local yoga organization, Colors of Yoga, an inclusive, community-oriented yoga studio in Downtown Raleigh which aims to help impart the benefits of yoga to others, especially those that don’t feel represented at other studios. Outside of yoga, Patrice enjoys traveling, tennis, hiking and reading. Here’s what she had to say about entrepreneurship and the HQ Raleigh community.


How did you know you wanted to be a yoga teacher?

I really loved practicing yoga, so my original plan was to retire and teach yoga on a beach. I literally went to yoga teacher training as part of retirement planning, but after I started teaching my mom and sister started coming to yoga (even after I told them all about how wonderful it was they never tried it before). So that started a shift for me to seriously consider teaching, and opening up a studio, immediately.


What accomplishment are you most proud of?

For taking a leap of faith and a huge risk in starting a yoga business and going for it. I’m very type A and practical usually, so jumping head first into starting this yoga studio has been out of my comfort zone in many ways but it’s so rewarding and I’m learning a lot about business and myself and I’m really proud.


What are your hopes for your company & how will being a part of the HQ Raleigh community help you reach that goal?

I want to help change the face of yoga and make yoga more diverse and inclusive andI’m also really interested in building more community here in Raleigh. HQ Raleigh is perfect for helping build community because of all the great people that co-work here and for the amazing spaces that are available for holding yoga classes and talks about meditation, mindfulness and wellness. Being among other entrepreneurs and hearing them pitch ideas to their team, or make cold calls coupled with all of the amazing resources available through HQ make this crazy entrepreneur lifestyle feel less isolating and overwhelming. <3 the HQ Fam.