Learn a little about Raymahl

As our first of many Facebook Live video interviews, we wanted to talk to Raymahl Sutton, a member of the HQ Raleigh Community that is constantly encapsulating some of our core beliefs through his innovative company that is bound to leave the world better than he found it.

As a North Carolina State University graduate in color chemistry, Raymahl was having a difficult time finding a job. After 8 months, he decided to go to a recruiter, who then suggested that he change his name on his resume and CV. Although the advice seemed odd, Raymahl changed his name on his applications to Ray, ultimately resulting in finding a job in just 8 short weeks. This was what sparked his idea for creating his own company – one that would reduce biases that seemed inevitable through any application process.

A Member of the HQ Raleigh Community: Removing bias in hiring with Applyable

What was once called Blinded HR, Applyable is an application system that allows applicants to apply to opportunities while withholding information that has the potential to invite biases. By removing the name of the applicant, year of graduation, years at previous company, university attended, etc., Raymahl found a way to create a level playing field for all applicants by focusing on career highlights and experiences.

However, Raymahl does not want to stop with job applications – he is looking into creating a similar process for applications to colleges and universities. Although he has just begun, Raymahl is already creating waves in application processes and believes he has a great starting point being located in the Triangle. With so much innovation, learning and testing being apparent, the Triangle is inviting a wide range of companies to set locations here. With so much company diversity, Raymahl believes that worker diversity will follow, creating a stream of pioneering knowledge and culture.