Learn a little about Jess

Being that Earth Day falls in the month of April, we wanted to get a good look into how the HQ Raleigh community is benefitting the wider community through its Benefit Corp certification. Who better to talk to about this than the Director of HQ Raleigh, Jess Porta?

As Director, Jess focuses on the HQ Raleigh Community, making sure that everyone stays involved in the core values. She has also had a large impact on the re-certification of HQ Raleigh’s B-Corp status.


HQ Raleigh Community as a B-Corp – what does that mean?

Being a B-Corp means hitting all of the social and environmental checklists in order to make an impact in your community, while still being for-profit. Some well known companies that have this same certification are Patagonia, Ben and Jerry’s and Seventh Generation. Every two years, companies that are B-Corp certified must re-apply to retain the status.

HQ Raleigh was one of the lucky 10% audited, which Jess discussed as being a little stressful. However, this audit forced the company to be very introspective and hold true to the requirements of a B-Corp, proving that HQ Raleigh is committed to bettering its community.

The company focuses on a few different factors as a Benefit Corporation. In regards to the environment, HQ Raleigh makes sure to produce the least amount of waste possible. HQ also composts, and even uses spaghetti sticks as coffee stirrers. In addition to this, HQ looks to the community to source products, using local vendors for supplies and other purchases. In terms of business, ensuring that HQ employees have enough personal time in relation to work, and setting up times for the company to volunteer in the community is also crucial.


Why HQ Raleigh chooses to be a B-Corp

Being a B-Corp means focusing on the triple bottom line – a trend that Jess believes is going to continue as more companies try to resonate with millennials and focus on the future of the business. No longer is there a difference between giving away money for causes and not caring about them at all. As a B-Corp, HQ Raleigh has found that happy middle of advocating for the right causes, focusing on the environment and the social factors while still making money as a business.