In an age where many companies are looking for ways to show they are fighting on the right side of the big issues of the day, moves like We Work’s ban on meat in company operations speak loudly.

Co-founder Miguel McKelvey informed the estimated 6,000 employees across 20 countries of the new policy in an email this July. Any move by an organization of this size will have a large impact, and the $20 billion company believes it will be well worth it for the environmental benefit. In the email, later obtained by media, McKelvey estimates that this move will save almost 17 billion gallons of water and 445 pounds of CO2 by 2023. It is also about saving animals, and they believe in this same time-frame they will have prevented 15 million animals from ending up at the slaughterhouse.

“In just the three days we are together, we estimate that we can save more than 10,000 animals,” McKelvey said of the “Summer Camp” meeting they were gathering for. But in case some were worried this meant they would be left hungry, he assured them, “The team has worked hard to create a sustainable, plentiful, and delicious menu.”

HQ Raleigh doing our part

As a “B corp,” HQ Raleigh has engrained social consciousness at every level of our operations, even down to our articles of incorporation. But all companies can find ways of improving the planet as well as humanity’s experience on it.

Another recent trend is for companies to eliminate their use of plastic straws. When you fly, you may notice American Airlines and Alaska Airlines no longer offer plastic straws, and when you arrive at your hotel, you’ll find neither do Hyatt, Hilton or Marriott UK.

HQ Raleigh makes a point of going above and beyond in reducing our own environmental impact. We have pasta coffee stirrers, compost our food waste, have a comprehensive recycling policy (including on-site battery disposal stations), use energy efficient lights and purchase locally-sourced products whenever possible.

This is only the beginning. HQ Raleigh is also involved in connecting area B corps and socially-conscious businesses in our multiple locations. If you’re wondering how you can get involved, becoming part of our HQ community is a good start. Call or come by to learn more!

— Written by David Larson: David runs First Page Creative, a writing service specializing in marketing and journalism that operates out of HQ Raleigh. Visit him at or call 703-408-6763 to learn more.