August brings us a new month and a new shift in our “Building Space for Impact” campaign! Through the coming weeks our team is excited to open up the conversation and dive deeper into diversity and inclusion within our HQ spaces. To kickstart this leg of the campaign we sat down with André Blackman, who is a pioneering strategist with deep ties into the public health/healthcare, social innovation, and strategic communication landscapes.


Who is André Blackman?

If you have never had the pleasure of meeting André within our space you however, may have heard of his company Onboard Health, where he is the current Founder/CEO. His company is new platform focused on helping health innovation companies become more inclusive as well as building a diverse talent community to power the future of health. You can learn more about why he started his company in a recent blog post here. 

André is a true inspiration, as he is dedicated to building the future of health through an inclusive lens. His work and insights have been featured in CIO, Fortune, Forbes, NPR, Reporting on Health, U.S. News and World Report. Needless to say our team was excited to sit down with André and learn more about his time at HQ and how he is building an impact through his work!

How HQ Raleigh is Building a Space that is All Inclusive

Additionally, we wanted to learn more about the ways our company is interacting with members of all races, genders, and ages. Since HQ Raleigh’s initial founding the goal has been to create a catalytic entrepreneurial co-working space that could connect emerging problem solvers and change-makers from all walks of life with the resources and relationships that would help them grow and deepen their impact. So we decided what better way to learn about our workspace environment than to ask those who fill the space? 

Thankfully André was willing to keep it real and answer a few questions! Starting off with the big picture question that we have for all our member companies. We asked how André felt he was creating an impact through his company.

Andre feels that through Onboard Health’s mission to bring diversity and inclusion to the health innovation workforce, impact can be felt not only at the company level, but also at the community level; through the healthy outcomes that will be optimized in a tight-knit community of talent, all being connected through their initiatives.


It’s More than a Mission, it’s a Promise

As part of our B Corporation values and company mission it is especially important that our team knows how HQ is helping people of color/minorities make an impact. So we asked honestly if André felt we were carrying out that promise to our members. 

From André’s time being with HQ he said he has seen an amazing diverse community not only at the spaces he works from, but also highlighted across communication platforms. So in his opinion HQ is most definitely serving the community in dynamic ways. Even more so, he believes HQ is a place where changemaking and growth is encouraged. For André’

being a changemaker means that I have done the work to narrow my focus on where I want to create impact and putting the needed energy/effort into accelerating, building and connecting solutions to mitigate the problem I want to help solve. Quite literally, it has to do with being intentional about the change you are making and seeing that happen in a sustainable way. It is also being able to craft a vision of impact that brings together like-minded individuals to build alongside of you is also a sign of being a valuable changemaker. This allows for great change and incorporates various perspectives to make sure that the work you’re doing creates its own sort of engine.”

We work hard to provide equal opportunity for ALL change makers and entrepreneurs so we can not thank André enough for not only his valuable words, but also for his hard work as a member within our community, and the incredible impact he has already had.