Without a doubt HQ Raleigh is blessed to have members of all races, religions, genders, and backgrounds. It is what makes our community what it is. Our team is excited to be a space where bright minds can come to make an impact without judgement or negativity. At HQ our goal is to Build Space for Impact. And to do that, we must build space for diversity and inclusion.  

So far this month we have touched on the ways minorities are making a mark in our spaces, as well as how Islam is correlated with innovation. This week we are expanding a little further into how our community is helping entrepreneurs that are also immigrants grow their companies to the next level. To help us learn more about immigration and small businesses we interviewed Sara Davison from Kinly LLC


Getting to know Kinly LLC

The idea for Kinly was born when founder Sara, as a first time mother, was getting frustrated with the process of trying to find and book infant activity classes to do with her baby. After countless hours of google searches and phone calls she decided their needed to be a better way to discover and book services for your family. Additionally, she saw this as an opportunity to use this as a way to promote connectivity for this demographic.

What started off as a concept to make the process of discovering & booking family related services painless, has now transformed into something that is changing the lives of thousands of children and communities around the world.


How Sara is Building an Impact through her Company?

She started Kinly because she believes that every home and every child deserves access to the services that help them thrive.  For our communities this may mean providing a platform that enables families to easily access services, such as their local parenting support group, or after school learning & activities for their children. But for some of the world’s most vulnerable children, this could mean access to clean water, free of waterborne diseases, access to critical medical treatments, or even access to a single meal for the day.

Every time a parent books a service for their family on Kinly they know that they have been able to make a direct impact a child and community. Kinly is empowering families everywhere to choose a world without poverty.


How HQ is helping Immigrants make an Impact 

Sara started Kinly in Melbourne, Australia before moving to Raleigh and we are thrilled to have her in the community. When chatting with Sara she told us the reason why she chose to bring her company that uses business for good to HQ.

“What attracted me the most about HQ was recognising the value it can bring in terms of resources, networks and importantly being amongst a community of people committed to making change and impact.”

We are humbled to find that our local HQ community is a place that individuals from all over the world are attracted to and hope to gain more international and diverse members. 



What Being a Changemaker Really Means 

A question we are focusing more and more on is “What does being a changemaker really mean?” So what better way to find out than asking the very individuals who are making their impact right here in Raleigh. Sara says:

“We don’t have to participate in grand, heroic gestures to participate in the process of change.  Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world” – Howard Zinn. 

“This quote underpins our thesis & strategy about on change and impact at Kinly – everyday people doing every day things can vote for change in the world with the choices we make – our mission is to demonstrate just how powerful their choice can be in voting for a better world. We are an example of a platform that demonstrates that we can all be change-makers through the everyday choices we make.”