As we dive further into our “Building Space for Impact” stories we can not help but be starstruck by the amazing journeys we are getting to learn about. Every entrepreneur has a different message or goal, but they often share similar passions and the desire to be changemakers. This series has allowed our team to get to know our members and their stories, while also having the chance to help share the stories. In this post we are introducing HQ member Brittany Willard and her company Divine Hearts CPR, LLC. 


Who is Brittany Willard

Brittany is a single mother with a 4 year old beautiful daughter named Brielle. As of June 2019 she is also a first time home buyer! She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from NCCU in Family and Consumer Sciences. Currently when Brittany is not at HQ Raleigh teaching individuals CPR, she is a nurse assistant with Duke University Health System and she has been working part time with them for over 6 years. 


When it All Started 

After she graduated college she had a difficult time finding a career that was willing to pay her enough to sustain. So that is when her inspiration sprouted and she started Divine Hearts CPR LLC. She wanted to help people even if it was just one person at a time. Similar to most entrepreneurs with a dream, she knew very little about running a business. In the very beginning she was teaching American Heart Association BLS (Basic Life Support) Provider courses in her living room.

Her success took off as she trained many providers such as doctors, dentist, nurses, etc. as well as students who were starting school for a career in healthcare. It was not long before her classes were growing to sizes too large for her living room. She knew it was time to make a move and that’s where HQ came into the story.


The Move to HQ Raleigh 

In April 2018, Divine Hearts CPR moved into our downtown Raleigh Warehouse location to start doing trainings. Brittany brings excitement and encouragement in the door with her each time she walks through the door. The powerhouse has hosted classes of all sizes all over our locations. Our team has enjoyed watching Brittany’s company grow through the past year and when asked Brittany seemed to agree, see below:

“It has been one of the best things that I had happen to me. I absolutely love HQ Raleigh because of their diverse environment, the roles they play in the community, and unlimited resources that are provided to help better your business. I currently am running my business by myself, but in the next 5 years I plan to hire a team to help me do classes so that I can begin to grow my business organically and expand. I would like to do trainings nationally across the states for companies outside of healthcare and internationally I would like to start to branch out and go to poor areas to do free seminars for communities to learn more about what to do in an emergency life or death situation when they are not able to. I love what I do and I’m blessed to be able to wake up and do something that I love everyday!”


Meet her for yourself 

As we close on yet another amazing member story we encourage you to contact and get CPR certified, if you are not already so we can all can save a life! Also if you are interested in working alongside powerful entrepreneurs like Brittnay we would love for you to come tour with us. We have available office suites at any of our four locations, along with open co-working space. So do not hesitate and book a tour today!