Every tech founder you meet will tell you different stories about what they did to be successful, how to raise funds, or how to hire. There are so many different paths to launching a successful company but one thing that all founders will agree on is the importance of listening to the market. HQ member and tech startup founder, Jim Zidar, did just that. 

Zidar’s initial company, Stealz, was a product which helped restaurants increase engagement with their customers. As they tried to scale and grow with larger restaurant chains, what they found was that clients loved the customer feedback part of the app, but in the day and age where every company has their own app, their clients just needed a solution that plugged into their existing mobile app. That’s when they realized that they could focus on the customer service experience and integrate it directly into existing apps. This epiphany led to their latest product: Epifany

“It’s a ready-made and high-demand solution for large brands that have their own mobile app but don’t currently have a great customer experience solution,” said Zidar. Epifany gathers data from customers and packages it into an interactive platform that companies can use to better understand and interact with their customers, “Epifany exists to be the most user friendly survey in the market. Through AI & segmentation, we are able to make surveys much shorter than the competition.” 

Epifany is a powerful tool for customer service based companies. “Being able to ask your customers (and potential customers) direct questions allows companies to understand what customers perceive as the company’s strengthens and/or weaknesses. It also allows a portal to give customers the ability to make decisions on behalf of the company,” explains Zidar, “For example, last year, the Hurricanes VP of Marketing (Mike) asked the fans what Theme Nights they’d be most interested. The top results ended up being the Theme Nights they went with.”

Epifany has already proven to add value and they have attracted several major companies and teams using its platform including the Carolina Hurricanes, Jacksonville Jaguars, Durham Bulls, Duke, and UNC. They are also working with with Health & Fitness concepts and a special co-working concept. HQ has been piloting Epifany as a survey and engagement tool for members over the past year and has experience tremendous engagement. 

Zidar is looking towards the future with excitement for what lies ahead, “Our primary goal is taking care of the current customers we have. We try to set realistic goals internally when it comes to growth. Ideally we’ll have double the amount of accounts six months from now. I’m optimistic we’ll get there.”