We talk a lot about the power of shopping local. You can shop local when you go out to eat at local restaurants, for your holiday shopping, or even by getting that new cute top from Flourish Market, just down the street, but what about shopping local with your tech? All companies need a certain amount of software to operate. These days we are chatting in Slack, task managing in Asana, billing in Salesforce, but are there more local options to source your tech?

Well if you live in Raleigh, the answer is yes! In addition to being home to several larger homegrown tools such at Citrix’s Sharefile, we are also home to a number of other software tools that have been created and are being managed in your own backyard! Here are just a few of our favorites to help you manage your business. 

Sales & Customer Relations

  • Ellie (by Exit Intel) – Ellie is a product which integrates with clients’ websites to offer a natural conversational interaction with customers.Think of a website chatbot that helps generate leads and solves for customer service at the same time. HQ uses Ellie on our website to help new visitors book tours or reserve space. 
  • Levitate (by Real Magic) – If you have been using a clunky CRM system because there is nothing better out there, we are here to tell you that  there is something better, and it was created right here in Raleigh. Sharefile founder and HQ Founding Partner, Jes Lipson has created a new product which helps you manage your contacts and emails in a clean, efficient way. 
  • Pendo – Pendo is a product cloud that provides user insight, user guidance and user communication for digital product teams. Pendo helps its clients track their customers data and user experience in order to make informed decisions about their products or services. 
  • Epifany – Epifany is a ready-made and high-demand solution which gathers data from customers and packages it into an interactive platform that companies can use to better understand and interact with their customers. 

HR & Hiring

  • 15Five – 15Five is a human resources software that enables a 360 feedback loop for employees and managers. With this software, an employee takes 15 minutes to answer questions, tackling issues from performance to team morale. The manager, then takes 5 minutes to view the responses and offer feedback. Originally housed out of HQ, 15Five, grew from 2 employees in Raleigh, to over 42 employees, and moved into their own office space in North Hills!
  • Scoutr – HQ alum, Scoutr is a platform which humanizes the hiring process. Unlike traditional recruiters or jobs boards, Scoutr does skills assessments to match candidates with the right role in a company. 


  • Freshbooks – The Canadian Freshbooks team made a big splash locally when they decided to place their first US headquarters in Raleigh. Freshbooks offers accounting management services to companies of all sizes. Freshbooks is currently located out of HQ Gateway. 

Connecting to Resources

  • Protopia – Depending on the type of work you are in, you might have a need to connect a community of students or members to resources. If this is a need for you, HQ member and fellow B-Corp, Protopia, might have the perfect solution, an AI platform which connects entrepreneurs and students with industry professionals. 
  • Coworks – If you are a coworking space and reading this, then clearly you are a spy and we are actually watching you! But you should also strongly consider simplifying your room booking, bill paying, and member management system by switching to Coworks. 

Managing Data

  • Malartu – Data management and regular reporting is no one’s favorite task, but it can be a lot easier if you use Malartu. Malartu helps plug into your existing data sources and produces an easy-to-manage dashboard. 

Software Development

  • Still don’t see what you are looking for but want a local solution? This community is filled with talented software developers who can create a custom solution just for you. Teams like Lithios, Vaporware, Big Pixel, and Successive are all local or locally operated software development teams who can design software just for your business.