A product of the R!ot Accelerator Program and a Techstars alumni, Slighter is a new company that has the potential to help millions of people stop smoking. 

CEO and founder, Samer El Gharib saw a flaw in a system built to help people and took steps to create a company that rectifies this, “At Slighter we aim to contribute to a smoke-free world and save millions of lives through our unique patented solution. Our mission is to help people break their smoking habits and lead healthier lives. We empower people with their own data, and serve as a motivational guide so they can reach their goals.”

Sam conceived the idea of Slighter after experiencing his own struggles with trying to quit smoking. After realizing the “cold-turkey” method was not a feasible approach, El Gharib set out to create a program that focused on gradual reduction. With slogans like “Master your Habit” and “Choose to Reduce,” Slighter sets itself apart from traditional cessation programs by pushing reduction rather than immediate elimination. According to Cristal Vivanco, the senior marketing strategist at Slighter, “[Quitting smoking] is like a marathon. People have to train for it; you can’t just wake up one day and run 13 miles without preparing. Nicotine addiction affects your brain and your body. It affects people both physically, due to withdrawal symptoms, and emotionally, through societal shame. Our program truly empowers people to change and improve their health by giving them control over the progress and setting achievable goals.”

Contrary to many other smoking-related products, Slighter’s algorithm is housed in a smoker’s most important companion: a lighter. This smart lighter is the first of its kind and features an AI program that helps track a person’s smoking patterns, “the program is goal-oriented, so you can control how much you want to reduce or when you want to quit,” said Vivanco, “and what better way to track the habit of smoking if not in a lighter? We combined [the lighter] with cognitive behavioral therapy to reinforce and motivate the person to stick on schedule. Anything you can do you can do with a plan.”

The Slighter solution includes many features, such as proximity locator and Bluetooth connectivity. However, another reason for a lighter-based product, according to Vivanco, is because it isn’t invasive, “With the nicotine gum and the patches, there are hormones and nicotine going into your blood stream and they affect people whether they feel it or not. So Slighter was created so you don’t have to add anything foreign to your body. It’s not an extra step in a smoker’s routine because it’s something they already use.”

Slighter has already started proving itself to be a reliable product. A test was conducted with 300 smokers through a span of 120 days, “Overall, as a group, the average was 40% reduction. For some smokers, it was more, getting up to 50% or 60%,” said Vivanco, “Some of the people did exceedingly well and did better than what we thought was possible for three months.” 

Slighter is currently crowdfunding and taking preorders but will be launching their product by the end of 2020. For more information, visit the Slighter website and take your first steps toward a healthier life. 


Image Credits: Slighter.com


Interview & Blog by HQ’s Marketing Intern: Mackenzie Wagamon of UTC