Connecting the entrepreneurial community is what we do, so when the pandemic hit and the Raleigh Founded staff were all forced to work from home, our thoughts inevitably turned to our community, and the importance of in-person events. While the pandemic is ongoing, and in-person events of any magnitude remain limited, Raleigh Founded has created some new virtual programs aimed at helping our members connect, network, and exchange information just as they did before. Therefore, we are delighted to present Founded Connect, a new series of podcasts in which members will be able to hear from various resource providers about their careers and areas of expertise.

Founded Connect is a valuable virtual resource for all our members. In these podcasts our event and programming manager, Sarah, interviews various in-house resource providers about their jobs and asks for their advice and opinion on questions regarding their profession and areas of expertise. Most excitingly, these resource providers are often other members! 

Since the Raleigh Founded Community is filled with so much diverse entrepreneurial talent, we realized that the best place to look for resources was right within our own community. In these podcasts you will hear from accountants, bankers, lawyers, founders, CEO’s, and more. We are also proud to have as resource providers, other well-respected and connected professionals who are partnered with Raleigh Founded, such as HPG and North State Bank, to name a few. 

The types of questions and advice that members can expect to receive from Founded Connect will, of course, vary widely depending on the speaker. However, each speaker will be asked what it is they do, why their area of expertise is important or valuable, the most frequently asked questions that they receive in their line of work, and how they think this information can help members of the Raleigh Founded Community. The goal of these podcasts is to transcend our current inability to conduct in-person office hours and conversations, and bring our members those valuable resources that they need to grow and succeed.

Our hope is that Raleigh Founded members will find this new resource as valuable and exciting as we do. Even though we are in the midst of challenging times, our commitment to providing the Raleigh Founded Community with the resources to thrive is unchanging, as is our commitment to economic and social impact in the region. Access Founded Connect on Spotify using this link!

If you are interested in joining our pool of talented and diverse resource providers, and possibly be featured on Founded Connect, please don’t hesitate to reach out to either Caroline Brinkley ( or Sarah Chick (

By Caroline Brinkley

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