The Raleigh Founded team is proud to present our first episode on our podcast “Founded Connect.” In this episode, our Events and Programming Manager, Sarah, talks with Jim Verdonik of the Innovate Capital Law Clinic of Campbell University. Jim, along with his fellow attorney Benji Jones, are committed to helping Campbell Law students obtain relevant experience in the entrepreneurship field, and also assisting early-stage startups with their legal matters. 

Background on The Innovate Capital Law Clinic

The Innovate Capital Law Clinic was established in December, 2019 in partnership with Campbell University and Raleigh Founded, and has been helping both students and businesses ever since. Jim Verdonik, a Raleigh lawyer with over 40+ years of experience in business law, advises and guides several third-year law students each semester as they gain real world experience providing legal services for entrepreneurs. For law students, there are many advantages to working in the Clinic, including learning how to; advise clients, deal with real-world issues, problem-solve, implement solutions, and plan legal strategy. These skills will inevitably help them once they are practicing lawyers and working with clients.

The value for entrepreneurs and their businesses is just as high as it is for the law students. When starting a business, entrepreneurs face a myriad of challenges and decisions. One of these challenges is affording legal counsel during the early stages of a startup, when investments may have not started coming in on a regular basis. The Innovate Capital Law Clinic fills this gap by providing thousands of dollars worth of pro bono legal advice and work. For businesses and startups looking to establish themselves, this free service is invaluable, and in turn allows Raleigh Founded to be a place where social and economic impact is made. 

Listen to This Episode for..

In this first episode of the podcast, Jim goes into detail about the many legal choices and challenges that entrepreneurs and startups face in their early stages, as well as how the Innovate Capital Law Clinic can help. Listen in to this episode to get more insight on topics like legal entity selection and how that can influence a company’s exit strategy down the road. Or learn about the process by which students go about helping startups, from creating a service plan to implementing measures like establishing contracts, planning intellectual property, advising on capital raising, and much more. Jim also goes into detail about the importance of entrepreneurs and startups having a team of experts and advisors to help them make these decisions, and how that investment into legal counsel can pay off in the long run. Listen to the podcast here

The Raleigh Founded team hopes that you will enjoy, and take advantage of, this podcast stuffed with legal insight and advice! If you are an early-stage startup or an entrepreneur in need of some pro bono business advice, be sure to contact Jim at the Innovate Capital Law Clinic, or fill out their client application here.

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