In 1776, when writing to her husband John Adams while he was a member of the Continental Congress, Abigail Adams urged him to “remember the ladies” while fighting for America’s independence. Abigail could see that women were essential to our country’s future, and that their rights and representation should not be forgotten. Although it took a bit longer than she perhaps thought it would, Kamala Harris will now be our first female vice president. Whether or not you align with the Vice President-Elect’s political views, her election is of historic importance, and we at Raleigh Founded wanted to take the opportunity to recognize that, along with all our female staff and members who do such important and inspiring work to help make our community a better place. 

There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a defining year in many ways. The COVID-19 Pandemic and the subsequent economic fallout, the Black Lives Matter protests that forced Americans to think about systemic racism in new ways, and not least, the extremely polarized political climate that recently came to a head in the 2020 general election. Despite all the grief and anger that the US has experienced over this seemingly never-ending year, there is a silver lining, a bright spot in our national consciousness, the election of our first female vice president.

The election of our first female vice president has been a long time coming. Women first won the right to vote over 100 years ago, and it sometimes feels like it should not have taken so long for a woman to rise to the second highest office in the nation. As the late Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg once said; “Women belong in all places where decisions are made.” What is important, however, is not how long it has taken us, but that we have gotten there. Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, or Independent, I hope that we can all agree that this is an incredibly important moment in the history of our nation as it is another defining step on the long road to gender equality. We should be proud of this achievement, and also looking forward to other glass ceilings that need to be shattered. Simply stated, the future is female.

Here at Raleigh Founded, the majority of our staff identify as women, and though we are all different in so many ways, we are all proud female entrepreneurs who want to help Raleigh Founded have a social and economic impact here in the Triangle. In addition, there are incredible female members of Raleigh Founded working everyday to make the world a better place. You only need to look at our own accountant, Rachel David, who provides tax and business services through her accounting firm, Sevrina. Alexus Rhone too, is working towards making the world a more empathetic place through the medium of storytelling. Zainab Baloch is looking to change the way we look at civic engagement by inspiring young people to take an active role in our democracy. Christina Marie Noel, already a respected marketing strategist, has more recently launched her very own accelerator program. The list of our inspiring female members could go on for page after page, but this is to say that here at Raleigh Founded we see a bright future, inspired in large part by our female members. The election of our first female vice president is another important step on the road to that future.

By Caroline Brinkley

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