2020 has brought a lot of challenges but none greater than the challenge of how to get and stay connected in this strange, new (mostly virtual) world. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we chose to look at this challenge as an opportunity; an opportunity to create something bigger and better than before. So this year we are excited to announce the Raleigh Founded Resource Page and Jobs Board! While we have always provided resources to our members and managed an informal jobs board, the virtual shift of 2020, prompted us to refine and expand that value to the Raleigh community at large.

The Raleigh Founded Resource Page is a resource hub for those who are starting or growing a company in the Triangle Area or just looking to get connected. Prior to our jobs board, Raleigh Founded served this need in two ways: through our member app and through informal connections with individuals moving to the area or looking to plug in. We still maintain our internal, member app so that members can connect directly with the resources they need, but now we are expanding that to be something that all businesses in Raleigh can access.

Organized by category, the Raleigh Founded Resource Page can help you identify attorneys, accountants, marketing professionals, employee benefits, accelerator programs, and more. To find the resource page simply go to our website (www.raleighfounded.com) and navigate to “resources.” From there you can view all resources or filter by category. The page also provides links to other valuable resource pages in the Triangle, as our aim is for this to be a collaborative effort, not just a Raleigh Founded one. Each resource has a bit of information on who the service provider is, links to their site if applicable, and a form so you can get a warm introduction from our team. Raleigh Founded staff has curated these resources to include partners, sponsors and resource providers who we know and trust, so you know that you are in good hands. Many of these providers are companies who we have worked with since the early days and who are committed to supporting those within the startup community in Raleigh.

The other new virtual initiative we are excited to bring to life is the Raleigh Startup Jobs Board. Over the years one of the main pain points of our companies has been access to talent. The Triangle Region has plenty of talent through its rich ecosystem of colleges, universities, and trade schools, but it can be a challenge to connect the right talent to the right jobs and for job seekers to find start-up jobs. Our Jobs Board provides a common platform for all start-up companies to post positions and feature their company profile to job seekers. It also allows job seekers to go to just one source to see all relevant jobs. We are piloting this board with a handful of members but hope to quickly expand it to our entire Raleigh Founded community and then to the Triangle start-up community at large.

While we are testing out this new resource we are looking for: start-up companies who hire often and would like to be included; partners who would like to cohost or sponsor the jobs board and; universities and networks of job seekers who can share within their networks. With these two new virtual resources, it’s never been easier to connect with the startup community in our region. If you would like to learn more about how to connect with these or other great resources, reach out to our team today!

Raleigh Founded is an entrepreneurial coworking space in Raleigh and has office space for lease in downtown Raleigh. If you or your company is looking to work in the Triangle and connect to a community of entrepreneurs reach out to us today.