At Raleigh Founded, we consider ourselves fortunate to be based here in Raleigh, which is such a vibrant, rapidly expanding community. Indeed, the entire North Carolina region is an incredible place to live and work, as many companies around the country and even the world, are noticing. North Carolina, and in particular the Triangle region, is a very special mix of talent, innovation, economic strength, affordability, and more. It is with all of these attributes in mind that Raleigh Founded announces an exciting new program that aims to bring together companies from all around the world right here in NC. Raleigh Founded, in partnership with the Economic Development Partnership of NC, is proud to announce The International Landing Spot of North Carolina. 

The International Landing Spot of North Carolina will act as a soft landing spot here in NC that provides a concierge of services for companies looking to settle here in NC. The three main areas of services that will be provided are; connections, resources, and space. In terms of connections, Raleigh Founded is excited to help connect companies with local talent, service providers, potential customers and partners, and more. These connections will be key to any company achieving success here in NC, and with it’s community of over 1,000 members, Raleigh Founded is in the perfect position to act as a link between the companies and valuable connections. Another area in which Raleigh Founded can help companies, is in connecting them with the resources that all businesses need to function. Companies that are new to the area may need access to legal services, accounting, funding, prototyping, logistics, marketing, and more. These kinds of services are crucial for the success of any company, and Raleigh Founded is partnered with individuals in each of these industries. In bringing new business to the region, RF hopes to also provide a connection to business for other local companies and entrepreneurs. Finally, with this landing spot, Raleigh Founded can provide flexible physical space to companies looking to settle in Raleigh. This access to space will include; office space, meeting rooms, classrooms, event space, and assistance in finding other workspace and connections through partnering organizations statewide.

While this program is new, Raleigh Founded has been working with international companies since its inception. Informally, Raleigh Founded has been helping new company arrivals get connected to space, resources, and community. Creating a formal partnership with EDPNC is merely the logical next step on our journey to helping businesses get the resources they need. 

Looking forward, Raleigh Founded hopes to use this partnership with the EDPNC to help bring more business to NC and to stimulate the economy. By working with state and local officials, businesses, and entrepreneurs, Raleigh Founded’s International Landing Spot is sure to be an incredible resource for companies looking to put down roots, in Raleigh or elsewhere in the state. Be on the lookout for more news about the North Carolina International Landing Spot coming soon.

Raleigh Founded is an entrepreneurial coworking space in Raleigh and has office space for lease in downtown Raleigh. If you or your company is looking to work in the Triangle and connect to a community of entrepreneurs reach out to us today.