Pivotal IT was founded approximately a year ago, yet is already establishing itself as a full service IT firm. Established by Samantha Peart, a talented female entrepreneur of color, Pivotal IT offers a full range of services, including app development, cyber security, website infrastructure, cloud architecture, and big data. Pivotal IT works primarily with the federal government, but has also worked with commercial clients as well.

When discussing her work as a female entrepreneur, Samantha emphasized the need for entrepreneurs to push forward and be persistent, even when faced with obstacles. Above all, Samantha says, Pivotal IT is a “modern company” and she desires it to be of as much use to its employees as its clients. She said Raleigh Founded is an ideal spot for Pivotal IT, due to its flexible nature, and ability to act as a landing point for the Pivotal IT team, even during the era of Covid-19. 

When the Covid-19 outbreak first hit in March, Pivotal IT was in a better position than many to manage the crisis. With integrated systems already in place, and the very nature of IT work, it was relatively easy for the Pivotal IT team to transition into working increasingly from home. Additionally, already in progress early this year was an increase in work for the federal government. These long-term contracts included work for various federal agencies, and meant that Pivotal IT’s workflow was not impacted much, if at all, by the effects of the pandemic.

Looking forward into 2021 and beyond, Samantha hopes to keep steering Pivotal IT in alignment with its goals of providing excellent IT services to all its clients. At the moment, Pivotal IT is bidding on more contracts from the federal government, however there is also a possibility that the team could venture back out into the commercial sector once again.