The worry that many entrepreneurs have when trying to find a work space is being isolated, or removed from where the action is. At many commercial real estate properties, an office is just that, an office. However at Raleigh Founded, an office is not just a physical space in which to work, it is also a symbol of being part of a wider community or entrepreneurs and innovators.

At Raleigh Founded, an office is a useful space in which to work, hold meetings, and generally concentrate on the work at hand. However having an office at Raleigh Founded means that you are always only steps away from interacting with other entrepreneurs in the coworking area, taking advantage of the incredible connections and resources within our community. Part of Raleigh Founded’s mission is to have a social and economic impact within our community, and in the wider region, and having office space at Raleigh Founded allows entrepreneurs to focus on their work, while also participating in our active community.