Raleigh Founded members will have an exciting new resource: a fully up-fitted podcast studio in partnership with Earfluence!

Raleigh Founded has converted one of its suites into a fully functioning creative suite and podcast studio. This duo suite has one area for all entrepreneurs in the creatives class and an enclosed soundproof area in the back for all entrepreneurs to produce and record podcasts.

The space will be available for members or Raleigh Founded to use at no additional cost once they go through a training, and members will also be featured on upcoming podcasts by Earfluence and Raleigh Founded.

Raleigh Founded’s Director, Jess Porta, explains that this was an intentional move to support different kinds of entrepreneurs than they have traditionally served:

“There is a whole group of creative entrepreneurs and small business owners who need resources to help their businesses grow, especially as we emerge from such a difficult time. We felt like being able to offer a creative space to support those members of our community was a great first step in better supporting our small businesses and reaching out to some of those communities that we are not already serving.”

To pull this off, Raleigh Founded developed a relationship with Earfluence, a Raleigh-based company that helps businesses strengthen their brands through audio content and storytelling.  Earfluence’s Founder, Jason Gillikin, expressed his excitement about the collaboration:

“When we spoke with Raleigh Founded about partnering on a podcast studio, it was actually something they’d been thinking about for quite some time.  The creators in the community had been clamoring for a studio to share their stories with quality production value.  I should have known that RF was one step ahead in providing what their members want and giving value to the startup community. I’ve followed their social media, seen their educational content and watched them collaborate with companies they could consider competitors, all in the interest of helping every business grow. They clearly value community over competition, and they believe that the rising tide of the startup ecosystem will lift all boats. We value this better-together philosophy at Earfluence, and we can’t wait to hear what the creatives in this space have to say.”

Both parties believe that this resource will be powerful for the companies within the space and for the community as a whole.

The Triangle startup ecosystem has some incredible stories to tell, and we want to provide a platform and a space to do so. The partnership with Raleigh Founded is going to allow us to elevate the stories of the startups and small businesses within our community,” Gilikin said.

Gillikin echoes the importance of small businesses having this kind of platform: “In a small company, the leader is the brand. And to attract talent, to attract clients, to attract partners, startup leaders need to have a voice and presence that shows what they believe in and why everyone should be excited to work with them.”

To learn more about this partnership or the podcast studio, reach out to the Raleigh Founded team at [email protected]<.