Exciting Announcement:
Raleigh Founded has partnered with Green Places to become carbon neutral by December 31, 2021.
Raleigh Founded was one of the first coworking spaces in the nation to become B-Corp certified and now has a new goal: to become carbon neutral.

Carbon neutral companies calculate their carbon footprint by identifying their carbon emissions and invest in programs or activities that can offset their carbon footprint. It’s now something that Raleigh Founded has put its focus on.

“Social and environmental sustainability is baked into the core of who we are and what we do.” Explains Jess Porta, Executive Director of Raleigh Founded. “One of our core values is to ‘Leave the World Better Than You Found It’ so we immediately connected with the B Corporation movement and have been interested in exploring carbon neutrality. So when a member of our community was in the business of making companies carbon neutral, we felt like it was a natural fit.”

Alex Lassiter is the Founder and CEO of Green Places, which helps small and mid-sized businesses achieve sustainability by simplifying impact and empowering businesses with easy tools and science-backed solutions.

“Reducing your carbon footprint isn’t just good for the environment; it’s good for business,” said Lassiter. “We recently conducted a survey that found that 63% of employees believe businesses should play a role in sustainability, and 43% feel their employer could be doing more to help the environment. Additionally, data shows that sustainable businesses outperform their competition, recruit the strongest candidates, and have higher employee retention.”

You can think of Green Places as the Head of Sustainability for your business, which focuses on three critical services: calculating your footprint, offsetting and reducing your footprint, and helping you tell the story.

Raleigh Founded will be working side by side with Green Places to achieve carbon neutrality for themselves and to launch a campaign to make it accessible and affordable for members of the community to do so as well. “This is just one of many social and environmental initiatives you will see coming from Raleigh Founded over the next year and we couldn’t be more excited to forward our mission.”

If you are interested in joining Raleigh Founded and other Raleigh businesses such as LevitatePendoArchiveSocialSpiffyKevelWyrick RobbinsHPG that have already made the pledge to be carbon neutral, reach out to Alex and the Green Places team.

Green Places // greenplacestowork.com

Raleigh Founded // raleighfounded.com