First up in our member spotlight series: Jeyashree Haridoss!

Jeyashree is a first-generation Indian immigrant and proud woman founder of Sol.
Sol is a platform that instantly connects travelers with a local they can text, call, or video call 24/7. They can help with anything from language interpretation to finding the best sushi spots.

When she is not working on Sol, you’ll find her working on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts. Currently, she writes for The Diversity Movement. She is grateful for the opportunity to work with DEI leaders to ideate and execute diversity and inclusion programs at startups, NC State University, and SAS.

Her mission? Pull in and empower people who have been pushed to margins.

As a member of the NC State Entrepreneurship Clinic, you can typically find Jeyashree coworking out of our Downtown Warehouse location and collaborating with other likeminded entrepreneurs.

Fun fact: Whenever she can, she likes to hop on cheap Spirit and Frontier flights to where ever they take her. Remote work for the win!

Connect with her on LinkedIn here: