Raleigh Founded is excited to announce a new strategic partnership with Viably – who is positioned to change the way our community does business! Viably’s all-in-one app connects a business’ banking, financial, and revenue data into one dashboard, combining these critical financial tools with services tailored to small businesses and entrepreneurs alike. Join us in introducing Viably to the Raleigh Founded community at our Free Coworking Day on March 17th!

In line with Raleigh Founded’s mission to create space for impact, Viably is dedicated to social responsibility and supporting small businesses of all kinds, whether it be a tech start-up, SaaS solution, landscaping company, or even a coffee roastery.

As a small business owner, understanding of financials is not necessarily a small feat (let alone fair access to capital). The Viably solution starts with the need for clear visibility into cash flow and a need for a better way to understand customers. Small businesses need tools to manage the various aspects of their business, such as invoicing, AR collection, customer trends, churn, and financial insights. Sure, there are a number of financial platforms on the market, but none are a one-stop-shop that encompasses everything a small business needs to operate at its fingertips.

Viably’s Founder and CEO, Doron Gordon, explains, “The opportunity we’re undertaking at Viably is to provide the first-of-its-kind financial solutions with a bank attached to it. Giving business owners the opportunity to integrate their entire financial stack from banking, lending, spend management, and money movement, with the insights and analysis to proactively manage their business with the education to grow it.”

With Raleigh Founded’s wide range of companies and entrepreneurs, this is the perfect solution to make sure your business is poised for the right kind of growth. In line with our goals at Raleigh Founded, Viably believes in the future of SMBs and knows that it starts with community and is leveraged through effective tools and dedicated resources. Join the waitlist  to see if this new solution can take your business to the new heights.

Most importantly, we want to make sure our community gets to do what they love and do it well. Gordon says it best: “We’re creating a better small business banking experience to let fellow entrepreneurs do what they do best — dream boldly and run viably. You almost never hear the word ‘love’ when it comes to banking and financial partners. But that’s exactly what our mission is… to build a business bank that people love to use.”