Women’s History Month

Women’s history month is about reflecting on the courage of past generations of women whose bravery has afforded us the opportunities and freedoms that we have today. It is also about celebrating the women in our lives who inspire us each and every day. For the Raleigh Founded team, that inspiration comes from the amazing women-led companies in our member community. 

When we first had the idea to write a blog on the women in our community, we thought one blog post highlighting them would be a great tool to do so. But as we started conducting a deeper dive into each one of our women-led companies, we quickly realized this was more than just one post during women’s history month. Because of this, we are releasing a new blog series called, #FemaleFirstFriday where we will give you a more in-depth look into these women-led companies.

For now, we hope you will read a bit about each of these women-led companies that make up our Raleigh Founded community!

34 Women-Led Raleigh Companies You Need To Know

KinlySara Davidson, Founder – Helping mamas and mamas-to-be gain access to experts, community care, and knowledge so new moms don’t feel like they’re in it alone.

Vital PlanBraden Rawls, CEO, and Co-Founder – One of only eight supplemental companies that is a certified B-Corp, Vital Plan’s mission is to educate on and improve individuals’ health by providing the tools and knowledge to do so.

SLNGTricia Timney, Founder and CEO – Collaborating with restaurants to improve their gluten-free options and improve restaurant experiences for people, like her, who have dietary restrictions.

Food52Amanda Hesser, Founder, and CEO – Reaching 24 million people monthly with their unique content-commerce-community model and phenomenal kitchen and home products.

Jess Porta ArtJess Porta, Founder – decided to make sure that every child, from every background, had a happy story that they could read and relate to. When she couldn’t find what she was looking for, she decided to write it herself. 

KaleidoSophia Lopez, Founder, and COO – Collaborated to cultivate a new computing platform dedicated to helping enterprises reinvent how their ecosystems transact, share data, and collaborate.

Pivotal ITSamantha (Peart) Ade, President at Pivotal IT Services and the Pivotal i4DM Joint Venture – Pivotal IT helps businesses with proactive IT services. Similar to having your own personal IT department, they keep your computer network running and your data safe.

Wine for Normal PeopleElizabeth Schneider, Owner – Elizabeth is a published author, award-winning podcaster, wine educator, and more. She generously shares her love and knowledge of wine with the rest of us! 

AEC MarketingJulie Cook, Founder, and CEO – From branding and website design to proposal production and interview coaching, AEC Marketing is doing it all.

Truth Meet Story Alexus Rhone, Founder – Truth, Meet Story provides coaching to people who want to tell their stories powerfully and authentically. Alexus Rhone shows participants how to choose, hone, and tell stories to the right audience.

Ignite Career + Leadership CoachingTiffany McClean + Katie Peterssen, Co-Founders-  As your coach, they will challenge you to look objectively at your strengths, values, and goals and design a personalized plan that works for you or your team. They ignite real results leading to professional success and improved wellbeing.

Wardsworth GroupKameela Wardsworth, Real Estate Broker-Owner – Representing the region’s finest properties and offering ultimate privacy, security, speed, and efficiency.

Noel + CoChristina Marie Noel, Founder – Develop a holistic marketing strategy with the goal of sustainable growth. Christina, being a marketing strategist, business coach, and speaker, can take your business to the next level.

Romer and CoLauren Romer, Founder  – Lauren has an eye for interior design as well as her North Carolina Real Estate license. She loves working with clients to sell or buy, stage, or re-design their homes!

The Composition DietitianAddie Claire, Founder – Addie uses her triple specialization in mental health, nutrition, and fitness to foster not just a healthier diet for her clients, but also better exercise and relationships with food.

Carolina Tax Xpress Tanya Holden, Founder – A knowledgeable, and trustworthy person to help you out with the dreaded taxes, unemployment, self-employment, W2s.

Ashley Mae Co. –  Ashley Mae Fernandez, Founder – Consulting and coaching businesses using her very own curated, signature methodology.

Blackwell Mortgage of NCApril Blackwell, Broker Owner – Customizing mortgage plans for clients so that it ensures your personal and financial goals are integrated into the plan.

Y Travel MediaCaroline Makepeace – Caroline and her family have the itch to travel and have been doing so nomadically for 22 years. The Makepeace family shares what they have learned enriches a trip and how to go about planning one.

JT Rowland Wholesome Health and Wealth IncDr. Jonica Rowland, CEO – Mapping out strategies for people seeking a better life in retirement. 

Evoke MeditationJennifer Vroom, Founder – After exploring and mastering an array of mindfulness and meditation techniques, Jennifer created her personal techniques to teach online.

YAPZainab Baloch, Co-founder of YAP! – Encouraging young generations to make their voices heard in the present and future of our democracy.

321 Coffee Lindsay Wredge, Co-Founder – A coffee shop built on inclusion and good coffee, 321 currently employs 30 adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

Khyiah T Byrd Int’l FoundationShakema McLean, Founder– Constructing communities throughout the County in which children living with Special Needs and Caregivers are empowered, supported, and accepted by implementing resources, support, advocacy, and education.

Too Much TVTamisha Thomas – An internet broadcasting company whose goal is to create more positive programs on the internet that contribute to healthy communities in a global marketplace.

Divine HeartsBrittany Willard, CEO – Offering CPR training to healthcare providers, child care professionals, lay rescuers, and workers in the community!

Junk LuggersHaley Huie, Founder – Committed to a greener community, Junkluggers takes care of your junk, then donates first and recycles second.

Start With StrengthsDanielle Mayber, Founder – Danielle helps startups develop an effective interview process so they can hire people who are the right fit and work better together as a team. By conducting a live strengths assessment with team members and job candidates, she delivers reports that show a clear picture of team values, how to work more effectively together, and how to fill any open positions with the right people. Danielle also leads team-building workshops to improve team communication and help everyone spend more time in their area of strength!

NC Early Childhood FoundationMuffy Grant, Executive Director – Helping to improve the health, education, and well-being of North Carolina’s children by educating and guiding parents and community members.

RaderCoMarcey Rader, Founder – Helping you and your business team improve healthy sustainable habits because productivity that values balance, workplace wellbeing, and health is the best way to avoid burnout.

ZoeeNichole Lowe, Founder –  Offering her background in sales, previous experience running a production business, and learned knowledge that they don’t teach at certification school to help other career coaches and match new clients with the right coach.

Reify MediaSarah Glova, Founder – Working with universities, companies, organizations, and other groups to create meaningful content by applying instructional design principles to digital media design.

Sales RelianceJenna Papula, Founder – Working to build tech sales organizations by attracting the right people and using their own personalized screening process to ensure that the candidate and company are a good fit.

Traction IQSarah Davis, Founder – Lending a hand to start-ups by helping them launch, take the next steps, and meet investors.

Advocate CreativeHannah Sullivan, Strategy Lead and Client Services Director – Award-winning experts in brand strategy, website design, video production, and print collateral partnering with nonprofit organizations to improve their brand.

PS. Did you know, Raleigh was named the best city for working women in the nation?

Stay tuned for an announcement on a women’s group we will be co-running very soon! The goal of this group will be to further unite the women innovators in the great Raleigh area through a catalog of resources, quarterly events, a newsletter, and a community of like-minded women.