Some of the most stressful moments in life can be when you are in the process of moving – when trying to find a new home, feeling unorganized in your home or trying to finance your living situation. Luckily we have some very capable ladies specializing in these fields to lend a hand.

April Blackwell, Owner of Blackwell Mortgage of NC, customizes mortgage plans for clients ensuring their personal and financial goals are integrated into the plan.

April is many things including a Certified Mortgage Advisor, High Trust Coach, Blogger at and, High Trust Coaching client, Peak Performance Coaching Client, Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist, and Experienced Mortgage Loan Originator. She got her MBA from the University of South Carolina, BS in Business, and BA in Spanish from University of Central Florida. April is also a Commercial Banking Analyst and Business Banker.

Already a long list, and that doesn’t include mom duties!

Kameela Wardsworth, Real Estate Broker of the Wardsworth Group. Kameela describes herself as a wife, mother, daughter, aunt and friend to many while also representing the region’s finest properties offering ultimate privacy, security, speed and efficiency.
Kameela started her real estate career following graduation from North Carolina A&T State University in Construction Management. After a few years in the construction industry she was able to grow her experience with helping clients remodel, build new homes and flip properties for a larger return.


Lauren Romer, Founder of Romer and Co, takes on the most stressful parts of the moving process by helping to stage your house, list your home, buy a new home and even help to decide a new layout for your furniture in your new home.

Lauren is a Licensed NC Real Estate Agent and Realtor with Aimee Anderson & Associates. Her experience ranges from residential and commercial real estate, working for a startup and interior design to wedding and event planning.

Lauren has learned to take advantage of her natural affinity for organization, proactive thinking and empathy, using it to help make other people’s lives easier.

Lauren is also the Director of Raleigh Founded and is the eye behind the aesthetics of all Raleigh Founded spaces!