As we wrap up our #FemaleFirstFriday blogs, we wanted to spotlight the amazing women on our team that keep Raleigh Founded running and support our mission to foster inclusive communities of entrepreneurs who create lasting economic and social impact. 

Did you know over half of the RF team is made up of women? Let’s hear it for the strong, kind, and hard-working women behind Raleigh Founded!

We would be remiss to not begin with our power-house female founder, Brooks Bell. She sets the tone for our organization and has inspired so many women on past and present Raleigh Founded teams.

Brooks Bell, Founder of Brooks Bell Inc, Co-Founder of Raleigh Founded, and most recently, Founder of Lead From Behind, Brooks has paved the way for the women on our team to be successful. She has shown us that there are no limits for women  who want to excel in the entrepreneurial space. 

To read more about Brooks, check out our blog post from last month

Lauren Romer, as Raleigh Founded Executive Director, she is an expert in all things Raleigh Founded. She has been with the team almost five years, starting out as a Community Coordinator and working her way up. She is an NC State Graduate where she majored in Communications and minored in Parks Recreation, and Tourism Management. Her background has allowed her to effectively lead the team and foster the inclusive environment that makes up Raleigh Founded. She encourages the women on Raleigh Founded’s team to be confident and outspoken, and never be afraid to share their ideas. 

Lauren is also a Licensed Real Estate Agent and Interior Design expert, founding her own company, Romer & Co. Her expert opinion in residential real estate and creative eye has played a key role in the design of all of the Raleigh Founded spaces. 

In her free time, Lauren enjoys traveling, yoga, hiking and spending time with her rescue dog Hercules (pictured above).

Sarah Blackburn, Community Coordinator at Raleigh Founded’s Gateway location and your go-to girl for all internal and external space bookings. Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, Sarah attended the University of North Carolina at Greensboro where she majored in Community Recreation with a concentration in Event Coordinating. Her background in event planning and hospitality, plus her bubbly personality, has quickly made her a favorite amongst  members of the Raleigh Founded community.

Sarah loves pasta, traveling, cooking, and laughing at corny jokes. If you ever see her around one of our spaces, make sure to pitch her your favorite dad joke. Sarah likes cats more than humans and is a cat mom to her three cats Mia, Raina, and Lil Man. 

In her free time, you can find Sarah cheering on her favorite sports teams the Boston Red Sox or Las Vegas Raiders.

Rebekah Gregg, is Raleigh Founded’s Events and Marketing Manager and has been at Raleigh Founded for almost two years. Bekah is an event planning superstar and is the mastermind behind all Raleigh Founded events. She can oftentimes be found behind the camera shooting reels, photos, and videos for Raleigh Founded and Gateway Plaza’s social media accounts. 

Bekah is very active and loves high-intensity interval training, playing soccer, kickball, and volleyball. On the weekends, Bekah also works as a venue manager at a wedding venue where she helps coordinate one of the biggest events in a couple’s life!

Jordan Wise, the newest member of the Raleigh Founded team, coordinates leasing and is the liaison at our Capital Club location. Jordan attended High Point University where she majored in Psychology and minored in Public and Professional Writing. Jordan thrives when helping others, which makes finding the best space option for future tenants a perfect fit. 

In her spare time, Jordan loves being active, traveling, dog sitting, shopping, and spending time with family and friends. Her favorite place she’s traveled to thus far is Florence, Italy. She hopes to one day check off visiting every continent from her bucket list!