Gearing up for the 2022 Innovators’ Guide release in January of 2023, Raleigh Founded is highlighting 10 Years of Companies. Today’s spotlight is Vital Plan.

One of the startups that has been with us since Raleigh Founded began is Vital Plan. As a holistic health-based company, they work to build more than just a customer base. Vital Plan uses premium natural supplements and step-by-step wellness plans to empower healthy lifestyles, sustainable practices, and purpose-filled lives. Braden Rawls and her father, Dr. Bill Rawls, founded the company in 2003. Dr. Rawl’s personal experience in combating Lyme disease through herbal therapy laid the foundation of the company’s mission and service. Dr. Rawls explains how Vital Plan was “built on a passion for introducing people to the power of standardized herbal extracts and the role they can play in supporting health and promoting wellness.”

In 2016, Vital Plan became a certified B Corporation through Raleigh Founded’s partnership with the NC State B Corp Clinic. We are proud that the Raleigh Founded community has played such an influential role in Vital Plan’s company culture, team, and brand as they’ve grown into a successful, impact-driven company.