Gearing up for the 2022 Innovators’ Guide release in January of 2023, Raleigh Founded is highlighting 10 Years of Companies. Today’s spotlight is LearnPlatform.

At Raleigh Founded we strive to empower mission-driven organizations to create lasting impact in the communities. LearnPlatform is doing just that. Learn’s mission is to expand equitable access for all students and teachers to education technology that works.Utilized by both local and state education agencies,LearnPlatform’s edtech effectiveness system produces comprehensive data to not only improve the safety, equity, and cost-effectiveness of educational technology but assist in instructional, operational, and budgetary decisions as well.

When asked how Raleigh Founded assisted in its growth, Karl Rectanus, Founder of LearnPlatform, states, “From the due diligence days whenLearnPlatform was just an idea, Raleigh Founded was there from the beginning. Raleigh Founded’s mission,‘to foster inclusive communities of entrepreneurs who create lasting economic and social impact,’ is remarkably in tune with our own. It’s no wonder we found a lasting home at Raleigh Founded.”In 2022, LearnPlatform is expanding its services to edtech providers, helping them analyze, improve and share the evidence of their products’ impact. Rectanus notes, “it’s never been more important for providers to show their tools work, both for sales and compliance with federal  requirements. It’s going to be a busy 2022, but we are more than ready!”