Gearing up for the 2022 Innovators’ Guide release in January of 2023, Raleigh Founded is highlighting 10 Years of Companies. Today’s spotlight is PublicInput.

Engagement has too long been defined by an approach of “throw everything at it and see what sticks.” PublicInput, a long-standing Raleigh Founded community member since 2013, brings together industry-leading technology and shared best practices to offer an all-in-one comprehensive platform for government agencies. The goal? To reach and engage the communities they serve while building better relationships and public trust every step of the way.

Emerging from ThinkHouse, a live-in incubator started by Jason Widen, Brooks Bell, Jes Lipson, and Christopher Gergen, PublicInput is now used by over 200 government organizations in 35 states to inform residents, gather their feedback, and make more informed decisions.

As the company grows, they continue to evolve to best communicate and engage with the public. Jay Dawkins, founder of PublicInput, explains, “Today we’re bringing together ‘old school’ communications tools like text messaging and phones, with modern mapping and data tools to help government agencies ensure greater representation and equity. We believe it’s another small step in the continued shift of democracy into its more distributed, collaborative future.”

Looking forward to 2022, PublicInput is steadfast in its belief that genuine engagement takes a long-term commitment to building public trust.