Gearing up for the 2022 Innovators’ Guide release in January of 2023, Raleigh Founded is highlighting 10 Years of Companies. Today’s spotlight is Malartu

Another long-term member company we’re proud to showcase is Malartu. It might seem like a weird name, but it comes with a reason. Malartu in Irish Gaelic translates to “Exchange”, and that’s exactly what they do. Malartu is a ‘not your average’ analytics platform that exchanges insights, expertise, and value. The problem they are here to solve is establishing consistency in reporting to understand the performance of early-stage investment portfolios.

“The platform was written with the customer in mind,”explains Jon Spinney, the Founder of Malartu. “It is a program for teams to connect existing tools and data sources, aggregate important information, Malartu easily create reports, and share with stakeholders, teammates, and advisors in whatever format fits their business.

”Malartu is doing its best to blaze a new path toward comprehensive reporting, giving time back to customers to focus on running and growing their business the right way. Jon Spinney emphasizes,“We’re building a game-changing product for the modern advisor and her clients with the most forward-thinking, collaborative, intelligent, and fun team in the industry. To put it simply: we love data, we love technology, and we love our work”