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Founded connect: Founded Connect is a valuable virtual resource for all our members. In these podcasts our event and programming manager, Sarah, interviews various in-house resource providers about their jobs and asks for their advice and opinion on questions regarding their profession and areas of expertise. Most excitingly, these resource providers are often other members! The Raleigh Founded Community is filled with so much diverse entrepreneurial talent, we soon realized that the best place to look for resources was right within our own community. Each speaker will be asked what it is they do, why their area of expertise is important or valuable, the most frequently asked questions that they receive in their line of work, and how they think this information can help members of the Raleigh Founded Community. The goal of these podcasts is to transcend our current inability to conduct in-person office hours and conversations, and bring our members those valuable resources that they need to grow and succeed.

Slack channel: The Raleigh Founded Slack Channel is an important tool within the Raleigh Founded community and beyond. In addition to updates about our spaces and operations announcements, the RF slack features channels that focus specifically on things like; resources and discounts, events (both in and out of the RF community), and a job announcements page, where many have had success in finding jobs either here at RF, or in the local community.

RF community app (directory, resources, discounts): The Raleigh Founded Community App is a useful tool for all our members. The App includes a directory, listing all members of the Raleigh Founded Community, and also a resources section. The resources section includes information about resource partners here in the community who can give advice and their expertise on a wide variety of topics. Also included is a list of our community discounts, where you can get discounts at local businesses just by being a Raleigh Founded member!

Need help starting your business or connecting to resources in the business community? We are here to help regardless of where you are in your entrepreneurial journey! 

Below you can find just some of our great resources! To access our full list of resources and connect with our community, become a Raleigh Founded member today

Want to learn more about any resource below or get a warm intro?  Just reach out!


1 Million Cups

Once your pitch is perfect you can take it on the road and apply to pitch at the next One Million Cups event!

Adam Shay Accounting 

Raleigh Founded Member, Adam Shay Accounting is a fellow B-Corporations helps companies set up book-keeping and accounting.  Learn more.

Big Pixel

Need help bringing your next big idea to life? If you are working to develop an MVP for an app or software, Big Pixel can help you design what you need for an affordable rate and bring it to life.

BTB Marketing

Have a tech based company and looking for marketing? Connect with Chris Burke local here in Raleigh who specializes in this field.

Business Law Clinic 

Get free legal help through an onsite legal clinic, housed at Raleigh Founded and hosted by Campbell Law and Innovate Capital Law. To get assistance, fill out an application here.

Capital Associates

Wes Johnson of Capital Associates has been a long time member of Raleigh Founded and is passionate about helping start-ups grow with their office space as they outgrow our coworking community. If you’re looking for commercial real estate, reach out to us to connect! Need some tips? Check out our Podcast episode with Wes.


Get Support on refining your pitch and connecting with resources to raise capital.


Whether you’re at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey or ready to take your small company to bigger places, you need to align yourself with the right people and resources to ensure success. CED helps connect entrepreneurs to the resources they need to be successful. Reach out to learn more here.

Chip Kennedy

Chip Kennedy helps startups with product strategy, software architecture, and all the details in-between. If you’re a startup looking for product x engineering support, an entrepreneur looking to scale a new idea, or just want to talk startup tech – feel free get in touch!

City Of Raleigh

If you have a storefront, check out the City of Raleigh’s building upfit grants and other grants to support small businesses.

Counseling Professionals PLLC

Looking for extra support? Mental Health Professionals providing support through these times can be tough and hard to find. Counseling Professionals PLLC is growing and working to meet the needs of the community to help people navigate life by providing services at 4 local locations and virtually. Confidential counseling can lead to the confidence to be able to grow to a better future. Connect with us to learn more!

Cris Masselle

With more than 25 years of experience in corporate marketing, Cris has an extensive background in planning and leading comprehensive marketing campaigns. Reach out to the Raleigh Founded team to connect with her today!

Davis Moore Capital 

If you’re ready to take a leap from the Raleigh Founded space into a much larger office building for your growing venture, Davis Moore Capital can help with commercial real estate. Reach out to us to connect!

Devon Lewis Design

If you are looking for high-end design for your logo or website but have a limited budget, Raleigh Founded team member, Devon Lewis works with early stage startups to help them build a solid design foundation. Check out his work.

Drive 80 Studios

Need help telling your story. Drive 80 studios can help you refine your story and visually bring it to life. Check out how they’ve helped other companies.

E3 Strategies

Will help you identify and connect with a medical benefits package for you and your employees regardless of your company size and needs. Connect with Mark today.

Entrepreneurship Garage

Want to make a physical prototype of your product? Raleigh Founded has a relationship with the NC State’s Entrepreneurship Garage’s prototyping lab that will allow members to utilize the space in 2021 to design prototypes.

Fischer Clinic

Want to provide some support for your team but don’t have the funds for a full medical plan? Help offset their cost by paying for local direct primary care through Fischer Clinic.

Fourscore Business Law

Fourscore Business Law provides strategic legal counsel for entrepreneurs and businesses at critical stages of growth such as venture financing transactions, in the sale and purchase of businesses, and in general corporate matters. Reach out to them for support.


FYSO is a 6 month program that helps mission driving entrepreneurs thrive. Learn more.


HPG – Hughes Pittman & Gupton is one of the Triangle’s largest locally owned and managed CPA firms and has supported local businesses in the Raleigh Founded community for nearly a decade.

Hutchison PLLC

Hutchison PLLC serves companies of all shapes and sizes and has even created a legal resource guide for early stage businesses. Visit their site to learn more or reach out to a Raleigh Founded team member to access the guide.


Incolo helps create Investable businesses.

Innovate Raleigh 

Innovate Raleigh organizes an annual summit each fall. This is a great place to plug in and learn more about the start up community.

Justin Kase Conder

JKase Inc. is a turnkey studio that produces authentic, storytelling imagery for brands and businesses. Led by photographer Justin Kase Conder, the JKase team has created insightful imagery through curiosity, open-mindedness, and hard work for 20+ years. With clients ranging from Lenovo to Nickelodeon, JKase Inc. adds value to the lives of those whose stories they are privileged to tell, those their work is seen by, and most importantly their clients’ vision. Have a look at their work!

King Consulting Group

King Consulting Group, LLC (KCG) is a management consulting firm that makes a difference to our clients through Strategic, Operational and Financial Partnerships. Enjoy a 10% discount on the CFO’s rate and Bookkeeping rates. Also, take advantage of a free, 30-minute consultation session.

Launch Raleigh 

Launch Raleigh Offers business training, micro-loans, mentors and networking opportunities to qualified individuals in Southeast Raleigh, North Carolina. Learn more and apply to be a part of their next cohort today!


Raleigh Founded member, Lithios creates iOS, Android, and Web applications to fit your needs.

Main Street Program

The Main Street Program is a collaborative effort by Raleigh Founded, the DRA, H.U.B.B Kitchens and Incolo to help support small business, especially food and beverage, and retail. The program has access to test kitchen space and pop up opportunities for small businesses to test out their ideas before investing in a brick and mortar space.  The program will be live in 2021.

Momentum Labs

Looking to enhance your skills around coding? Check out Momentum Labs and see what classes they have to offer.


If you’re an entrepreneur looking to get your business off the ground, connecting with NC IDEA can provide many opportunities including grant funding, accelerators, and a multitude of events. Want to learn more funding for women? Reach out and inquire about NC SOAR Grants.


NC IDEA Labs is geared towards early stage companies looking for support with customer discovery. Learn more and apply today.

NC IDEA Micro Grants

NC IDEA has micro grants up to $10K for companies looking to validate their idea. Learn more about the criteria here.


NC IDEA offers funds up to $50K for scaling companies. Learn more here.

New Kind

Looking to elevate your brand and marketing but work with a local company? New Kind, a fellow B-Corporation and Raleigh Founded alum, works with all companies but focuses on brand strategy for B2B tech companies.

Noel & Co. Go-to-Market Consulting

Noel & Co. is a mission-driven marketing & strategy consultancy (and fellow B Corporation) that works with world-changing organizations to gain the insights they need to nail the right market positioning, value proposition, and marketing strategy to successfully go-to-market.

Oak City Productions

Raleigh Founded Member, OCP can help with photography, video and audio marketing needs. See their portfolio and what they can do for you.

Paper Cloud Creative

Paper Cloud Creative is your go-to resource to define and refine your brand & identity to be something truly unique.

Patent Attorneys

Need to file for a patent? Check out this Founded Connect Video with Soto IP to learn more about patents. Or reach out to us to connect with a patent attorney.

Pathos Ethos

Pathos Ethos focuses on brand, digital marketing, and product development for companies from all industries and backgrounds. They also have a program to support small and growing businesses from underrepresented communities.

Pitch Practice at Raleigh Founded

Quarterly, HPG and Smith Anderson bring an outside investor into our community to hear informal pitches from companies and get feedback on how to best modify their pitch or product to get funding. Reach out to our Raleigh Founded Team to sign up for the next one!

Rader Co.

If your folks are drowning in email, tasks, or stress – you don’t have to lose good people. With tailored productivity tools, healthy, sustainable habits, and coaching accountability, we can help every employee, team, and leader be at their best (so you can be at yours.)

Raleigh Chamber

If you’re looking to make meaningful connections in your business, attend workshops and seminars to grow professionally, or you’re looking to find ways to connect with other businesses in our local economy, connect with the Raleigh Chamber.

Raleigh Chamber

Joining the Raleigh Chamber is the best way to connect with the business community in Raleigh. Check out their events and member directory here.

Raleigh Founded 

We have flexible space for growing teams! Reach out to learn more!

Raleigh Founded

If you’re looking for a versatile coworking space that is inclusive and innovative, look no further! At Raleigh Founded, we have multiple coworking membership options as well as private turn key office suites. Reach out today to learn more about why we’re more than just space.

Raleigh Founded Jobs Board

If you are looking to hire, Raleigh Founded hosts a start up jobs board to post your openings and seek talent from local colleges and universities.


RAP Is a 12-week high-touch program that increases the impact of traditional business development resources by connecting you with an industry consortium of more than 80 companies across the IoT technology stack to learn, partner, and bring your product to market. Check them out here.

Red Rocket Partners

Your “one-stop shop” for growth, helping B2C and B2B companies with their growth strategy, leadership and execution needs.

RiOT Events

RiOT, a long time member of our Warehouse, offers an in-depth accelerator program for entrepreneurs looking to test ideas and products, learn the business, and make professional connections. This opportunity is free of charge and has a rolling application process. Looking to learn more? Check out there list of virtual events, also.


RIOT Labs is another great resource for developing your first prototype, especially for IOT based products.


If you’re looking to get involved with local speaking engagements, events in the Raleigh area, or more community minded activities and feel good opportunities, connecting with the Rotary, located on Fayetteville St. is a great place to start. Start here and fill out a membership application today.


Get a counselor or find resources to help your small business grow and succeed.

Sevrina Tax & Business Services Inc.

Sevrina Tax & Business Services Inc. is a female and minority owned business that has worked with Raleigh Founded companies of all sizes. Contact them today.

Smith Anderson

Smith Anderson is the largest business and litigation law firm headquartered in the world.

The Social Rising

We help small business owners develop a social marketing strategy that saves them time while building an engaged digital community through
proven processes that work. The Social Rising was founded by Emily Winters. With 10+ years of marketing and photography experience, Emily has worked with clients ranging from Fortune 500s to small family-owned businesses.

Thompson and Prince

Thompson & Prince is a brand strategy and design consultancy that takes pride in combining strategic rigor and business acumen with the finest in visual design and aesthetics. We offer product and company naming, logo design, visual identity / brand guidelines, positioning / messaging, presentation design, and website design and development (primarily WordPress and Webflow).


Raleigh Founded Alum, Vaporware creates solutions for any industry, but focuses on B2B SaaS solutions. Learn more about the work they do.

Verso l’Alto

Verso l’Alto is a Raleigh-based finance, accounting and tax advisory firm that partners closely with small business owners to take financial tasks off their plates and get them back to what they’re most passionate about

Viably Grant for Small Businesses

Viably is a free all-in-one banking, insights, and financial management app. It is designed to ensure financial clarity for small businesses.

Each month Viably is offering a grant of $2,500 to ONE new Viably customer with a small business in North Carolina.

Wake Tech Small Business Center

Get direct support for your small business through Wake Tech Small Business Center.

Wolfpack Investors Network

If you are an NC State Alum or have NC State co founders, you can also apply for funding or pitch to the Wolfpack Investors Network.

Wyrick Robbins 

Wyrick Robbins is a full-service law firm with a focus on growth-oriented businesses.

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Raleigh Founded Jobs Board

If you are looking to hire, Raleigh Founded hosts a start up jobs board to post your openings and seek talent from local colleges and universities. 


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